HATCH Update

Posted by Nicholas Reygaert on March 26, 2012 0 Comments

Filming continues on our next feature film HATCH. We have just returned from two weeks filming in Slovenia with our good mates John and Morten from IMAGO and also uber-cool Slovenian fly fishing dude Luka Hojnik.

The reason for going to Slovenia was to lock horns with the native Marble Trout. Marbles are a sub-species of brown trout but vary remarkably from your average brownie in both appearance and behaviour. Marbles grow really big, like 20kg big, mostly by predating on grayling. But given the right conditions, eg a big hatch, they will come to the surface to feed.

The funny thing about Marbles is that when they do start taking insects from the surface they tend to sit right on the surface – head, dorsal and tail out of the water – Mako Shark style.

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