About Us

Gin-Clear Media is a multi-national company based in Te Anau, New Zealand. The company was formed 7 years ago with a clear objective to create inspiring and beautiful fly fishing films and fill a niche in the market that was being largely ignored. Five feature length films and numerous commercial projects later, we feel that we have achieved a large part of what we set out to do. But rather than resting on our laurels, we have some large projects in the pipeline that we hope will enhance our reputation for quality and innovation.

Our most enduring enterprise has been the creation of RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival, the first festival of its kind in the world. Since the very first show in Christchurch in 2006, RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival has been entertaining fly fishermen across the globe on an annual basis.

From these humble beginings RISE has grown organically, thanks mainly to the enthusiasm of our extensive global network of associates. Over the last six years the festival has blossomed into one of the premier events on the international fly fishing calendar. Annually playing 60 plus shows in 15 countries, spanning 2 continents and screening in 5 languages.

We live and breathe fly fishing. Being based in NZ enables us to work and play in one of the world's most remarkable trout fisheries - a constant source of inspiration. As the business has grown we have expanded into overseas markets. We have developed a network of warehouses and representatives to bring our product closer to our new customers. As a result we are able to sell in Euros, Pounds and Dollars - ship cheaply and quickly - and avoid Import Tax. We have warehouses in London, Los Angeles, Perth and NZ.

We have been selling on-line for over 6 years and we realise that buying over the internet can be a scary experience for a new customer. Please read through our privacy, shipping and return policies, they have been designed to give you security until we have gained your trust and we stand by them. We also offer Paypal purchasing which has a high level of customer protection.

Our staff is a small but dedicated team

Please enjoy browsing our site, if you do decide to purchase some DVDs - feel good that you are directly supporting film makers and artists that spend every day striving to tell the stories that make fly fishing such a unique and engaging lifestyle.