The Source - New Zealand 

"We see anglers, waterscapes and landscapes from a distance, from above and below, from under the surface and from the angler's point of view. The footage is a feast to the eyes, and surely some of the best that's currently produced in fishing DVD's.

Lots of fish, fishing action, catches and releases. Fireplace fishing at its best. Perfect entertainment for a rainy day. An excellent substitute for fishing. I have seen it at least ten times already, and still I enjoy it."

GFF rating: 6 out of 6 = Global Class!
Reviewed by Martin Joergensen (

"The second Gin-Clear film in the "Source" series showcases the fly fishing nirvana of New Zealand. Mind-blowing footage from every angle... in the water, on the water, above the water. Shot on HD equipment to give a 'cinema' feel.

Incredible scenery, incredible fish, incredible adventure. This film has it all."

Reviewed by Brad Harris (Flylife Magazine)

"Fly fishing is life and life is fly fishing. This is the key message of the wonderful fly fishing movie masterpiece The Source - New Zealand, produced and directed by Nick Reygaert and the Gin- Clear Media

I have seen lots of fly fishing movies in the past, but very rarely a movie that combines footage of the top-notch fly fishing action on some of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world, sincere stories about life and fly fishing, told by local trout bums and other fly fishermen, who fell in love with New Zealand, and breathtaking photography of unspoiled nature and wild fish."

Reviewed by Luka Hojnik (

   The Source - Iceland

"From the start this DVD impresses by its excellent image quality and production values. There are three deceptively simple strands to this: stunning locations, superb fishing, intelligent relaxed interviews with the anglers.

The Source: Iceland is a travelogue, showing me the beauty of Iceland and the mouth-watering fishing it has to offer. And this is how that type of documentary should be made."

Reviewed by Brad Harris (Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine UK)

"Wow! The scenery and environment is nothing short of spectacular. Nick Reygaert has wonderful vision and a creative eye that really captures this unique land perfectly."
Reviewed by Brendon Turrif (

"I’m sure I watched the whole 50 minutes with my jaw hanging loose, such was the beauty of the place, the fish, and the cinematography. Honestly, you could pull any still-frame out of this film, print it and hang it on your wall. There was not a moment of dead screen or wasted time. Every scene is a stunner. The man’s a genius."

Reviewed by Brad Harris (Flylife Magazine)

   The Source - Tasmania

"Gin-Clear Media's attention to detail raises the bar for fishing filmmakers. Production quality is outstanding with some truly stunning shots bringing the unique feel of Tasmania’s trout fishing across the screen.

For anyone planning a trip to Tassie, has ever been to Tassie or just wants a visual escape to a world of rugged country and wild trout, The Source – Tasmania is a must see."

Reviewed by Scott Thomas (Fishing World Magazine)

"I can't say anything negative about this this movie, just that it was too short. The movie makes me want to see much more of what this great island has to offer trout wise."

Reviewed by Honken (

"The quality of the filming and production is on par with the best. The tempo is very nice, not too hectic, but certainly nowhere near boring in any sequence. The whole thing is filmed in HD, and I have had the fortune of seeing the film on a large screen in a cinema, and it shines! Anyone with the right projection gear or a large high quality screen will see what I mean. The rest of us can get a good part of the way by playing the DVD on a high rez computer screen. It's awesome!

The Source earns a Global Class rating from me for it's original location choice, beautiful fishing sequences and superior technical quality."

GFF rating: 6 out of 6 = Global Class!
Reviewed by Martin Joergensen (